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Swift Holidays is a leading travel service provider with tailored packages, and itineraries for groups and individuals catering to their needs and preferences. We provide our clients with an opportunity to see Nepal beyond the magnificent himalayas and picturesque landscapes. Our in-house vehicle service has a fleet of more than 45 vehicles that provide a comfortable experience to explore different sides of Nepal while indulging travelers in Nepali culture, history, religion, and heritage up close.

Travelers safety and comfort is our first priority. We take extra care of our travelers by accommodating their travel needs through our wide range of vehicles for regular and off-road travel for any group size.

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Swift Travel and Treks Pvt. Ltd. is a new venture introduced in 2021 AD to provide world-class service with a standard rate to travel enthusiasts in the field of trekking, tour, and expedition in Nepal. We are a governmentally authorized license holder company based in Kathmandu, Nepal who are always eager to fulfill our clients' wish of exploring nooks and corners of Nepal with utmost care and responsibility. We aspire to thrive forward in this industry by creating a professional and devoted approach towards traveling and trekking while providing comfort, happiness, and a homely safe environment to our valuable clients. We are always sincere to make you feel heartily welcomed and provide you with a wonderful lifetime experience. We have a wide range of holiday packages and specialize in tailoring packages and itineraries for groups and individuals according to their needs, preferences, and budget. We wish to provide you an opportunity not only to see our magnificent Himalayas and picturesque landscapes but also to indulge in Nepali culture, history, religion, and heritage up close.

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