Why Us & What we stand for

Why Us & What we stand fors

Swift Travel and Trek are a government-registered Nepalese Trekking Company responsible for trekking, tour, and adventure holidays in Nepal. Our wide range of holiday packages of different kinds is curated by experts with utmost care and thinking so that it is ideal and comfortable for our clients. Also, we specialize in tailor-made itineraries. Our professional team of leaders, guides, porters, and staff specializes in the field of trekking, climbing, and other activities we provide for our clients.

Like most people out there who are desperately searching for a perfect travel companion, there must be certain things you might want to know about the company before choosing. Questions may hover around your mind before choosing us. We have our own set of beliefs, mottos, and strong values we believe in which has successfully taken us ahead in this industry. We hope these points below provide you some insight on our company, our values and hope you know us better through this.

  • We believe in 100% client satisfaction
    Our main goal and objective as a travel company are to provide the utmost satisfaction and happiness to our valuable clients through any means possible. We have high standards in service quality and always thrive forward to look at new ways to enhance happiness so our clients have the time of their lives with us during their short travel period. We always make an effort to provide you with top-quality accommodation, transportation, hygiene, food, and necessary equipment while you are on the journey with us. Even the slightest bit of discomfort, problem, and safety issue is taken into consideration by our staff to give you the safe and best experience. We do not compromise in things that involve our clients’ satisfaction, happiness, interest, and well-being. Our clients are always our most valuable asset and first priority. We have experienced staff and professional government-certified guides.

    Our guides are some of the best and experienced people in the business who is also humble, faithful, and friendly in any condition involved. We select our leaders, guides, and staff based on their professional ability, skills, risk measure analysis, supervision ability, and experience. Our government-certified guides are professionals who have received several training and awareness in the areas of safety, security, communication, environment, and community. We always make an effort to employ local people from the trekking areas who have deep knowledge and experience in their respective areas. Our group of talented, hard-working, honest, and respectful staff always contribute to our success and we consider them an integral part of our business. We provide quality service within the affordable price range Our company always puts service quality first and we never compromise on it regardless of any situation. We offer a variety of packages and these packages include factors like accommodation, transportation, safety, security, etc. Working with such factors can always result in unforeseen problems anywhere and any day so we always try to predict any possible threats and mishaps beforehand so in case of any problems, we can take proper measures and have contingency plans. Considering the wide range of packages and quality of service we provide to our clients, we have reasonable and flexible pricing. We sell our packages directly to our clients with a minimum profit margin and high-quality service. Our packages do not have any hidden or extra cost charged in them so the amount you pay us is directly reflected in the service we provide you. Hence, we can assure you that with the quality of service and facilities we are providing, there is nothing to be afraid of.

  • We customize and tailor-make your itineraries
    We understand that our clients are unique and have different preferences, interests, and personalities so the itineraries we have prepared may not appeal to some. We also take into consideration that our wide range of packages may not be feasible for our clients’ time, health, budget, or expectations. So if any of our packages do not fascinate you, we urge you to directly contact our team of experts without any hesitation. Our experienced and friendly company staff will help you customize your itineraries and trip so that it will suit your specific requirements and needs. We consider creating a customizable itinerary and trip to satisfy our clients as a perfect opportunity to know about each other before going on an actual trip. We always look forward to interacting with our valuable clients.

  • We believe in honesty and fairness
    We at Swift Travel and Treks always believe in complete honesty, modesty, and transparency with our clients. Our company staff is all very professional and reliable people who have an understanding of the tourism business for a long time. We always consider being humble and honest while doing our business and our company policies and values are also centered around them. Until now, we have always kept our word and have done business with full integrity and fairness. We have always appreciated clients giving us advice and suggestions regarding our services. We are always striving to improve our services so our clients' feedback and responses keep us moving forward. Any questions, queries, suggestions, and complaints are always much appreciated and welcomed by clients for which we try our best to answer honestly and improve further.

  • We strictly abide by safety and security procedures
    We always consider health and safety as our main concern and as a major factor that cannot be compromised and this applies not only to our clients but also to our trekking crews. We use technologically updated trekking, safety, and communication gear. Our trekking leaders are professionally trained and have received ample knowledge in the field of emergency and first-aid. Our team carries emergency first aid kits and safety gear in every trekking, considering the destination and weather beforehand. We strictly conduct a meet and greet in our office before embarking on any journey so that our clients can know the necessary information, safety guidance, and equipment checklist for a hassle-free trip. So, overall our main priority has always been to conduct a trip successfully whilst taking complete care of our client’s safety, security, physical and mental health.

  • We care, respect, and protect our environment
    Swift Travel and Trek have always been vocal about contributing to preserving and protecting nature and the environment. Every one of our staff members is aware of prevailing environmental issues and we try to do our best from our side to minimize the adverse effects that may result from us. We use as little water as possible, minimize the use of firewood, discourage plastic packaging, bring back our non-bio-degradable waste with us, clean up camping sites and only use designated routes and campsites to reduce negative environmental impacts from our end. We stick to the famous phrase “Take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints!” and take pride in our clients doing the same.

  • We support and give back to our communities
    As we push ourselves towards conducting responsible tourism, we realize our duty not only lies in protecting nature and the environment but is also about giving back and supporting our communities and local people. We do our best to support the local communities by employing local people who know abundant about their respective regions as guides, porters, leaders, and helpers. Our talented guides are always ready to share with you the local cultures, stories and provide translations for better understanding and engaging with the communities you visit. We encourage consuming local foods and traditional cuisines, staying in homestays, and buying souvenirs from the locals as a way to support the respective communities. Apart from this, we constantly provide donations and participate in community-building projects in different remote areas of Nepal. Our clients are also more than welcome to join us in making a difference and no matter big or small the contribution is, it is always appreciated.
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